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Turn the page

and start again.

In transition.
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Plot summary:

This is a story about an Irish immigrant and his personal stuggles in adapting to the American culture. Hilarity ensues when it is uncovered that his paleness is actually a direct result of a skin disease (think: Michael Jackson) and he is actually Keon, lord of the bling.

... Stranger things have happened.

8 mm, adhd, alcoholic/sucidal writer/musician theory, andy warhol, animal house, anne sexton, antique things, art deco, banter, baroque, batman, beck, belle & sebastian, billie holiday, bjork, brand new, bright eyes, catcher in the rye, cemeteries, christopher marlowe, chucks, clap-tracks, classical music, clubbing, coloring, commander venus, cops, cynicism, dane cook, danny boyle, denali, description, desperacidos, dr. faustus, drug culture, duct tape, duran duran, edgar allen poe, egypt, elbow, elliott smith, eminem, emo, english, europe, eyeliner, fencing, fiction, fist fights, frank zappa, fresco, fresh air, greek mythology, guinness, guitar, guitars, ham, historical fiction, history, hoodrichness, horror, humor, insomnia, intelligence, ireland, irvine welsh, jack daniels, jamiroqui, jd salinger, joaquin phoenix, jogging, kevin smith, laughter, led zeppelin, legs, lil jon, lou reed, ludacris, macabre, massive attack, melvin burgess, metrosexualness, mohawks, morrissey, movies, music, mythology, nerds, new wave, nicole kidman, night, nightmare before christmas, ninjas, orson wells, philosophy, photographs, piano, picasso, pie, pirating music, plastic, plays, poetry, ponkies, portis head, pulp, punk covers, punk rock, radiohead, rain, religion, retro, rilo kiley, robin williams, romeo and juliet, sarcasm, sculpture, sitar, steven lynch, surveys, swedish fist, swords, sylvia plath, teaching, the cure, the doors, the faint, the history channel, the smiths, thirft stores, thom yorke, tim burton, torn jeans, trainspotting, usher, vampires, van gogh, velcro, velvet underground, vh1, video games, vinyl, violin, vivaldi's four seasons, wankers, weird kids, william shakespeare, wit, women, writing